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NM Fire Broke the Long-term Monopoly Situation of Fire Products

Time: 2019-06-28 Hits: 377

On Sep.5, the 17th International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference & Exposition sponsored by the China Fire Protection Association was held at the Beijing New International Exhibition Center. Participants are from the world’s top fire companies and well-known enterprises in fire fields.

During the exhibition, CNP NM Fire Fighting System Co., Ltd got the UL Certificate for fire fighting engines. It is the China’s first enterprise to have UL certificate for diesel fire engine. The general manager Mr. Liu Weiping of CNP NM Fire accepted an interview by hcfire360. Mr. Liu said, fire fighting is manifested as a special need in the development of social civilization to a certain extent, the level of fire technology in a country is closely related to its level of economic development. As China’s economic development started in the late 1980s, our fire technology and standards are far behind the developed countries in Europe and America. At present, the globally recognized fire standard was UL/FM that was set by the United States over a hundred years ago.

In March of 2017, it became the first enterprise of China to have both UL & FM two international certification of fire pumps. In September the same year, NM Fire again became the China’s first enterprise to have UL certificate for diesel fire engine. Currently, only 3 or 4 companies in the world have obtained fire engine certification. NM Fire is also the first company in the world to have both UL Listed fire pumps and fire engines. This series of achievements will completely break the long-term monopoly situation of fire products by European and American brand, which speed up the pace of Chinese enterprises to go overseas.