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NMFIRE Product Promotion and Technical Seminar in Bangladesh

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NMFIRE Product Promotion and Technical Seminar in Bangladesh

With the step of golden autumn of 2019, whole Chinese people are immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the 70th anniversary of the great motherland. In the remote capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, with the best wishes, the NMFIER Bangladesh team is preparing for the first NMFIRE product promotion and technical seminar.

On October 12th, the Seminar was held as scheduled in the beautiful Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden Hotel. A total of 93 people from 65 units were invited to attend this Seminar, including Dhaka Fire Bureau, UL Commercial Promotion Department in Bangladesh, Well-known Fire Protection Design Institutes, Existing users of NMFIRE in Bangladesh, Fire Engineering Company, Textile industry associations and End Users.

Mr. Mustafizur Rahman, the Chairman of Avenue Trade & Engineering, which is the agent of NMFIRE in Bangladesh, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of NMFIRE.

Mr. Mustafizur Rahman pointed out that in more than 10 years of working in the fire protection industry, there are too many helplessness and sigh. Helplessness is the rather uneven understanding of fire protection and the real cognition of UL&FM certification pump in Bangladesh market. Sigh is I am deeply moved by the fact with different suppliers and manufacturers for more than ten years, either the price is too high with no competitiveness, or the product series is not complete and non-standard, which resulting in the service is not in place and timely.

He said, choose NMFIRE is the most beautiful encounter. Because of her rise, just right can solve above painful spot. NMFIRE not only has the world class fire pump, but also has its own certified diesel engine. No matter from the quality of the product and the implementation of the standard, are perfect, and the price has a great competitive advantage. NMFIRE is the right perfect partners he has been dreaming of for so many years.

He also said, it was because of such excellent products, the brand promotion and technical seminar comes in. As a member of the Bangladesh fire protection industry and a member of NMFIRE, he has the responsibility and obligation to share all the research and development results with everyone.

As is known to all, Bangladesh is the world's second largest textiles producer and exporter, there are nearly four thousands already built or under construction in the textile, which belong to labor-intensive industries, such as cotton, cloth, private pull wire, etc., fire hazard are everywhere. The major fire accident occurred frequently, due to the fire control facilities do not conform to the specifications and backward. With this non-standard of fire facilities, a thousand people died in the fire accident tragedy.

On the seminar, Mr. Tong Chunguang, the Chinese representative from NMFIRE international department, on behalf of NMFIRE, had a detailed speech to everyone of the NMFIRE factory and product introduction, he also had a in-depth exchange of views regarding the concerned problems such as Marketing, Technology, After service etc.. Attendee interact frequently and actively participate in discussions according to their own needs and experience.

This conference has left a brand new image of "Made in China", and adding more reputation to "Made in China". I think, on this national celebration day, NMFIRE is using her own way to give the most precious gift to our Great Motherland. 

We firmly believe that the seeds of hope and lives that NMFIRE has sown around the world will take root and grow, and with our concrete actions to fulfill our commitments-"Using the advanced technology to efficiently protect personal safety and property".

"New Face Same Dream", in more than 200 years of modern fire history, the New generation of NMFIRE, is ready to launch, with the same dream of safety and beautiful,    let's work together, hand in hand, in our own way, to make the world more safer. We trust that only safety of the world, our life will be more beautiful.

 It's a big world, Let's protect it together.

This seminar, which was originally scheduled to end at 8:30 PM, was successfully concluded at 9:30 PM due to the enthusiastic communication and exchange.