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Reap As You Sow---NMFIRE 2019 International Training Conference

Time: 2019-07-24 Hits: 303

Time flies, six years is just a moment in the long history, but for the NMFIRE, it is so magnificent.
Six years ago, NMFIRE was established and moved forward with perseverance. Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Liu Weiping, NMFIRE is committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in the fire pump industry all over the world.
During the six years, NMFIRE have experienced ups and downs, wind and rain, and finally become the first enterprise in the world that has both UL/FM certification for fire pump and UL certification for fire diesel engine. The fire protection domain of high standard has welcomed a Chinese new face.

Uphold the enterprise idea of "protect life, love and history", the International Training School was founded. The aim is to let the designengineers, dealers, enterprises, end customers to deeply understand the importance of UL, FM, in the fire protection system. We also hope that the users can have a deep understanding of the concept of NMFIRE, improve the public safety awareness, use the high standard products to serve the society, and build the last protection for our life and property.

On May 9, 2019, the annual international training conference was held in Changsha factory as scheduled. The three-day training session attracted 18 firefighting companies (dealers) from 11 countries including China, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Liu Weiping, gave a speech of welcome to all the distinguished guests from home and abroad, and solemnly introduced the purpose of this training and training course arrangement. He said firefighting is to protect life, to protect human civilization, is a very meaningful cause. The meaning of life lies in dedication, while making progress of ourselves and enterprises, we can also bring positive changes andimpetus to others and the society. He engaged in pump industry for 30 years, the first 20 years, he works hard to improve the quality of the life, and the next 20 years, he hopes to due contribution to the fire industry and homeland.

After that, Mr. Tong Chunguang,the Sales Manager of the International Sales Department, introduced the company and products in detail, and accompany the guests to visit the factory and UL/FM Witness Laboratory.

The three-day training session was short but varied. Clients not only deeply knew the difference between the UL/FM listed pumps and non-listed pumps, the difference and design concept between fire diesel engine and normal diesel engine, but also learned the standard for the designation and installation of the fire pump packages.

Life is the only, we cannot take any fluke mind regarding the security, “Protect life, love and history”will be the long-time commitment for NMFIRE strive.
We firmly believe that reap as you sow. This training will make us gain achievements, confidence and friendship.
We also believe only when the world is safe, it will be beautiful. NMFIRE will unswervingly stick to the original heart, forge ahead, give new capabilities to Made in China, and provide solutions to create a safe and beautiful world.