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CNP NM فایەر- بەرگری لە سیستم کۆ.,Ltd

سی ئێن پی ئێن ئێم ئاگرکوژێنەوەی سیستەمی کۆ.،ئێل تی دی پیشەگەرێکی پێشەنگی پەمپی ئاگرکوژێنەوەیە, diesel engines, controllers, diesel engine driven fire pump set, مۆتۆرێکی کارەبایی کە پەمپی ئاگرکوژێنەوەی لێخوڕیوە, fire pump package system and containerized fire pump package system in accordance with domestic & international standards. ئێمە ئەندامی کۆمەڵەی پاراستنی ئاگرکوژێنەوەی نەتەوەیین (ئێن ئی ف پی ئەی) وە تۆڕی ئاگرکوژێنەوەی ئەوروپی (EFSN). The technical team consists of a number of engineers and foreign experts who have more than 20 years of experience in research and development for global fire-fighting equipment. We can offer you a wide range of fire pumps and diesel engines which have gotten UL, FM(America), APSAD(فەرەنسا), SETSCO(Singapore) بڕوانامەکان کە هەموو پاراستنی ئاگرێک کە پێویستە.

NMFIRE is the first NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) ئەندام لە پیشەسازی #39 و هەروەها تاکە کۆمپانیای چینی لە نێوان ئەندامانی ئێف ئێس ئێن (European Fire Sprinkler Network). We are the first company in China to receive both UL and FM certifications and the only company in the world to manufacture UL/FM certified fire pumps and UL/FM diesel engines. Our company was a key contributor in the revision of China's fire pump industry standards. Our product technology and range in products are industry leading in both the domestic and global market place.

Our mission is to produce the highest standard products with the advanced technology to "Protect life, خۆشەویستی و مێژوو" بۆ جیهانی گەورە.