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Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the fire fighting market

Split Case Pump:UL Listed and FM approved,Flow range:300gpm-8000gpm

End Suction Pump:UL Listed and FM approved,Flow range:50gpm-750gpm

Vertical In-Line Pump:Flow range:50-1500gpm

Vertical Turbine pump:UL Listed and FM approved,Flow range:100gpm-7000gpm

Diesel Engine:UL Listed and FM approved,Power range: 51hp-1207hp


With the progress of city and industry development, the application of fire fighting can be divided into commercial fire fighting and industrial fire fighting.

Commercial fire fighting includes hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, metro stations, airports, office buildings, schools, warehouse etc.,

Industry fire fighting includes petrochemical power plants, industrial enterprises, electronic industry, sea port and dock, offshore platform, etc..


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